First Time in Laramie WY

After getting settled in at the Albany County Fairgrounds, Lee disconnected the truck and we decided to head towards Cheyenne.  It was Friday around 3:30pm, but we decided to chance it and it turned out to be OK.  Cheyenne only has around 60,000 people in it and the traffic wasn’t that bad.  The main thing I wanted to see was the capital building and the historic downtown, but we had a couple of quick Roadside Attractions along the way.

The first was a statue of Lincoln on a rest area along the Lincoln highway.  This rest stop has a small viewing area/information center, picnic tables, restrooms, and is very RV friendly so I definitely recommend a stop if you are passing by. Here you can see how much parking there is!  The best part though was we had to turn on Happy Jack Road to get there.  Best road name ever!!

It was really much bigger than either of us expected.


The head was cast in metal (brass I think) and brought to Wyoming and used as a mold.


Once again we saw a really cool feature of America that only existed because of a small group of dedicated people. Love when we run across things like that.



Next we stopped at a pyramid which was built by the railroads to honor two brothers who were instrumental in the transcontinental railroad being built.  This was NOT RV friendly as we had to go down a dirt road and there was no good place to turn around.  Once again, much more impressive up close. (I disagree. The road is a dirt road, but we’ve been on much much worse. There is room to turn around a rig at the location. Here is a sat shot of the parking lot. – Lee)

Beautiful views although as you can see VERY windy


Next was the small town of Buford with a sign that says population of 1.  It claims to be the smallest town in America.  It was an easy on and off the freeway and there was a closed gas station a rig could turn around in.


Lastly there was a field with the old top of the capital building.  This was not big rig friendly at all and we were even a little nervous driving the truck.  It was full of weeds and Lee said watch out for snakes before we got out of the truck.  That definitely made it less fun for me.  It was cool though to see how big the topper was.  Turns out, not as big as you would think. (Here you can see that there is NO room for a rig, but there’s plenty of room at the new school next door. And there’s a brand new fire station across the street that didn’t exist when this sat photo was taken. If you really wanted to see this and didn’t want to take any chances, the road has no traffic to speak of, so you could just pull over to the side at the bottom of the exit ramp, walk over to the site and then just continue back onto the highway. The original school is the small building to the left, just above the “218” and the smaller shape below it is the outhouse, and the dome is the small circle to the left of the old school- Lee)

Even with all these stops we still made it to Cheyenne before 5pm.  It’s a very small town for a state capital and the historic area was a bit of a disappointment.  The capital building area was all torn up with construction so I could only take a couple of pictures from the truck. Lee went back on Saturday and got some other pictures.

I thought they were doing a nice job blending the old with the new

Here are the pics Lee took the next day.


Even though we had left the dog at the RV, I didn’t really want to get out and walk around.  Instead we went to Petco and bought a frisbee for Jack and stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond looking for a new dish rack.  Ours broke, but we didn’t see anything we really liked.  On the way back we drove through Laramie (pop 30,000) which I actually liked much better.  It’s a great little college town and has almost everything you could need.  We stopped at Walmart for some bread and Lee filled up with gas then we headed back to the campground.  Just in time too, because the rain that had been holding off all day decided to come down.

It absolutely poured that night, which made us a little nevous because the campsites were dirt and gravel.  It turned out to be just fine though and the water dried almost completely the next day which was again nice because Jo came to visit with her dogs Peyton and Sammy.

Everyone getting acquainted. Sammy is the ruby cavalier, Peyton is the beautiful Malamute, and Jack of course.

Finally someone who has more energy than Jack!!

Sammy is two and super energetic. He wore Jack out!


Everyone played nice and shared toys and water

Puppy time

Peyton is getting in on the act!!

The only thing that confused Jack was how much time I spent with Peyton.  I have known her for five years and even though it’s been more than a year she definitely remembered me.  Jack seemed a bit miffed by all the attention I was getting but since Peyton outweighs him by ALOT there wasn’t much he could do about it 🙂

Jo and I had a great lunch and a lovely time hanging out with the dogs.  Ben unfortunately was working a 12 hour shift, so Lee decided to take the time and go out and explore Cheyenne.  That was totally fine with us, because it gave us some alone time and Lee ended up visiting multiple locations that day.   He took a lot of pictures and I hope he write about that too, but if not we all had a good time.

Historical Governors Mansion. Totally free and Lee said it was expertly done


Train Depot museum


Missile silo museum. Remember the scene in War Games where the guys were in a missile silo and had to turn the key?? This was one of those. Fun Fact… Leo from West Wing was on of those guys in the silo


Frontier Days Museum. This is a big deal in Wyoming and they have a huge parade of historic vehicles. They are all stored in the museum for viewing. This early book mobile was one of Lee’s favorites.


Next up is Nebraska, but I will leave you with a video I managed to take of the dogs.  They were running around like crazy so this was the best I could do!

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12 thoughts on “First Time in Laramie WY

  1. We liked the Lincoln statue and all the info about the highway. We didn’t have time to see the Pyramid and didn’t know about the Capitol Done. Very cool! Cheyenne is z great city and we could’ve spent more time there. Lots to see snd we loved the downtown. Nice seeing the doggies play and Jo!

  2. We visited Cheyenne in 2006 and visited the Capitol. We parked right in front and walked in the front door and to our right was the Governor’s office. It was open, but he was out. The receptionist said if he was in we could just walk in and visit. There was a state trooper at a desk nearby and he wasn’t too interested. That might have changed had the Governor been in. I just wonder if you can do that today.

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