Traveling is Good for the Soul

Thankfully our leaving Timothy Lake was drama free, and we rolled out relatively early on Tuesday morning.  It was good to be on the road again, better to be away from a place that no longer needed us, and terrific to be facing some new places to see.  I scheduled our route to go across southern Wyoming, because it brought us close to Jo and Ben, and in all our trips cross country we have never been on that section of 80.  I was excited to collect a few new state stickers and looking forward to staying at new places.

Since we started this year we have been trying to travel no more than 300 miles a day, and are not booking campgrounds in advance.  The way I handled this is to use my iPpad while Lee is driving to find a site for us to overnight.  First I need to establish what is roughly 300 miles from where we started and I use Google maps directions to find what is close.  It is a bit hit and miss but after a few times you can usually tell on the map and for our first day the closest place was roughly Ontario, OR.  Once I have the place selected I started looking for campgrounds or boondocking spots.  Since we prefer full hookups the first night out, I started with Passport America and then I look at Ultimate Campgrounds.  I will use All Stays as a last resort but much prefer the campgrounds I find in one of the first two.  They are cheaper for one thing and in the case of Ultimate Campgrounds usually have more nature.

There isn’t much in this corner of Oregon, so I talked Lee into trying Malheur County Fairground campground.  It was only $15 with Passport America and had water and electric with a dump station onsite. We haven’t had much luck in the past with fairgrounds, but our friends  Deb and Steve stay in them frequently, so we decided to give it another try.  Although it was a little hard to find the entrance, we eventually did, and there were several sites in a grass field.  It was self pay and there was only one other camper there so we got settled into a very nice site.  Turned out to be absolutely terrific.  It was in the nineties well into the evening but the 50 amp was great and allowed us to run both air conditioners.   Large grassy spot for Jack to play, and there was a barn with horses nearby.  Although we were in town, it felt like we were in the country, and the cell signal was really strong. Loved it and definitely trying more fairgrounds in the future.

We took the spot on the outside. The grass was beautifully maintained…Jack loved it.


Our site had a very nice 911 memorial rock on it.


Great barn with stalls for rent. Lee walked over a couple times with Jack to see the horses. This is the view from our door of the back of the grandstand.

The next morning I had a Google Hangout interview scheduled (went really well) and after that was finished we headed back down the road.  Once again 300 miles was in a pretty barren section of Utah and this time Passport America didn’t have anything.  So I looked at Ultimate Campground and found the Willard Bay State Park.  We had stayed in Cottonwood campground once before but when we pulled in we realized they only had 30 amp and it was still in the high nineties, so they sent us next door to the marina campground.  The price was a little steep at $35 a night, but it was nearly 100 degrees and we needed 50 amps.  I would never have done it if we had a second vehicle (that would have been another $25 a night), but since we don’t we splurged a little.  We got a really nice little spot with full hookups.  The surroundings were also gorgeous.  Let me just show you.

Our site had a nice view


You can’t see the bay from the campsite but a little walk up some stairs across from us is a really great view.


Jack loved the waterline. We walked all along it.


Beautiful flowers all along the water


We walked down to the end and saw past the inlet.


Really pretty views walking both ways.


Just me and Jack



Later we walked to the other side of the campground and saw the entire bay

Wonderful stream

Nice view of the campground


Jack enjoyed the view


So good for the soul!

We head into Wyoming tomorrow and the we will get to see Jo and Ben. Stay tuned!


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