It’s Not all Gloom, but There is Hail

So everything the last few weeks hasn’t been doom and gloom, but there was a bit of a crazy weather event.  I’ll get to that in the end.  First of all we have had lots and lots of doctor appointments.  Making the appointments is time consuming itself, but going is also a most of the day affair.  These appointments are over an hour away, so it’s at least 4 hours all together.

In order to get refills on his prescriptions, Lee had to see our regular doctor, who sent him to a cardiologist.  The cardiologist scheduled some blood work and a stress test and I am happy to say the stress test went very well.  Lee had never had one before and ran a full 12 minutes with a heart rate up to 150 with no events…so that was a good thing.  We don’t have the blood results back yet, but I am feeling very positive.

My doctors appointments start next week (dentist, eye, annual physical), but I have had the time to do some fun things.  Kyrston said she wanted more receiving blankets and I went to multiple thrift stores looking for them.  I hit the jackpot at a store in Estacada, because the owner’s daughter-in-law had a baby boy and she had two boxes full of clothes they had never sold.  Not only did she bring them out of storage for me, but she only charged me 50 cents a piece and I cleaned up!!  That was fun.

Besides appointments Lee has been focusing quite a bit on work and I grabbed a couple of pictures along the way of interesting things.

The new electronic GEM car we have at work is pretty fun to drive

Lee invented a really cool scrub brush for all the camphosts. They were a BIG hit.

Lee learning how to fill our water wagon from the lake,

We had our first potluck and the host family used the doors of their Class A compartments for a table.  I thought this was really cool.

Oh and the strangest thing happened.  One day while I was working I got this intense craving for this Chinese dish I used to eat as a kid.  It was bizarre..I could taste it.  I texted my Dad to see what the name of it was and then remembered it was called War Sue Gai.  I realized it had been years since I had seen that on a menu and I looked it up online and learned that is a Midwest name for boneless almond chicken.  All of a sudden I had to have it, and I started looking online for a chinese restaurant that had it.  As I was researching I ran across a restaurant called Ding Ho in Madras, which was the exact same name as the restaurant I ate at in Columbus as a kid.  Long story short we went to get the dish and although it wasn’t as good as I remembered from my childhood it was close enough!

The restaurant used to be a drive in. Weird

You get a brown “gravy” that you pour over the chicken.

Despite how nice it looks in the pictures, it has been really cold on the mountain.  I have been looking everywhere for a sweater for Jack because the poor guy has been freezing.  I even went down to the Friday Night Farmer’s Market in Sandy looking for one, but unfortunately there was nothing.  I did buy some excellent cool weather crops though for a great price including romaine lettuce, turnips, and some beautiful green onions.

I also had a chance to go down to the Friday night Farmer’s Market in Sandy

All of these errands were fine, but we were really wanting a nice summer day, but unfortunately for three weeks straight the weather was cold and rainy on our days off.  It was starting to get us both really down, and then last week something really crazy happened.  First we started getting some cracks of lightning and then out of nowhere it started to hail.  Thankfully I was in our RV and pulled in the awning, because Lee was in the office and within 10 minutes the ground was coated.  Two people who weren’t with their RV’s unfortunately had awning damage.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.  Let me show you.

Initial Hail.

Less than 10 minutes later.

Jack and I went for a walk when the hail stopped.

Worst part was there was lots of water under the surface.

So as you can see the weather hasn’t been that great, but finally on July 4th we had a sunny day.  Lee and I went to Bagby Hot Springs, which I will write about in the next post, but before we went we took the time to get some pictures of Jack and Mount Hood. As you can see Jack’s happy about being outside too.


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10 thoughts on “It’s Not all Gloom, but There is Hail

  1. So glad that Lee’s health is doing great! You guys as always are an inspiration to us, and all I can say is that the hail is unreal! Crazy stuff….hoping that all your Doc appointments go well…sending love and hugs!

  2. Such crazy weather! Glad you were there to get the awning in. Super good news on his doc visit. Hope yours goes well too. Score on the baby stuff. I’ve been thinking about you and wanting to call. Grandbaby must be getting close!!

  3. Small world…we have eaten at DingHo in Madras every summer for the past 4 years. I really like it…it’s not authentic Chinese but it’s what I like. If you get a chance, try Rio in Madras. It’s wonderful. They have amazing Chicken Mole and my favorite is their Pollo
    a la Crema. Their guacamole is outstanding (the secret ingredient is mango). It’s a real gem of a restaurant in a small town.

  4. Glad to see that Lee’s doctor visits are going great! Also Love that brush that Lee made! For little Jack you can get a sweater in his size at Walmart. They don’t carry Hurley’s size, but the have plenty of mid-size sweaters and hoodies. I hate hail, of all the weather it’s the most scary. God Speed on a very healthy grand son! XOXO

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