March 2019 Budget

Sorry this has taken me so long to get completed, but as you all know there has been a ton going on.  Because of Lee’s heart attack we only made about $1100 in the month of March, but thankfully we got a $1700 Income Tax return that really helped. Lee also made $2800 for working in March but we still haven’t gotten paid for that. We had also socked some money away in January and February so we think we are going to squeak by without tapping our savings.  Still not 100% sure on that, it depends on when the summer job checks start rolling in.  We ended up spending $4311 in March which was $825 over budget.  These costs do NOT include any medical expenses.  Those bills are still coming in and I will report out on them separately. Please see below for more detailed information.


Campground Fees – We haven’t spent over $500 on campground fees in a couple of years.  We had other choices, but I wanted to be with friends, and since Lee was working I didn’t really want to boondock alone.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to take advantage of lower monthly rates at the Arizonian because we only stayed 10 days.  The positive part was I spent lots of time socializing Jack, and I got to see Guy and Sue.

Groceries – We went over a little bit, but are staying pretty close to the newly adjusted budget.  I added $100 a month this year after 3 years of hardly ever making budget in this category.

Dining Out – Between the two categories we were $15 under.

Entertainment – We went over by $50.  This was mostly books as we took advantage of the Half Priced Bookstores in San Antonio and stocked up for this summer.

Truck Fuel – This was high this month because of the trips back and forth to the hospital and making our way to Phoenix.

Truck Maintenance – This was $441 because we had our 100,000 mile service done and spent $100 on a deductible to get the transmission pan replaced.

Mail and Postage – We have to keep $100 on account with them at all times and from time to time they do an automatic charge to keep that level.

Gifts – I bought the stuff for Kyrston’s baby onesies.

Not our best month for sure, but considering what happened I was glad to see we didn’t go crazy in a couple of the categories.  Again, no medical expenses are in this month because we haven’t started paying those bills yet.  Once we get into all that I will let you know.

(And here’s my goodies. So sorry I didn’t have this last month, I was busy having a heart attack and stuff. – Lee)

Here’s the year by year month comparison:

And here’s the more expanded graph that shows all of the months



And here’s the breakdown of the month. RV and Truck insurance and a few others are 1% or less, so aren’t shown. 


Here’s the “travel map” for the month. 

There’s no weather data unfortunately, because we moved around so much, and I didn’t always remember to set up the station. So there are so many gaps I just left it off. 


And finally, here’s some more detail numbers…

14 days at campgrounds, fees are reflected in the expenses for the month ($563)
13 days “moochdocking” at the Center For Mental Wellness™, also known as Greg & Cori’s place e while I recovered from my heart attack. Thanks again, guys!
4 days at a work location, so no campground fees

Total pictures taken: 893

Total data used across all devices: 298 GB

Total truck miles:  2,102.8
Non-Towing Truck Miles: 915.3
Total trailer miles:  1,187.5
Total Engine Hours: 47
Fuel Used: 183.8 gallons
Avg. MPG: 11.4

and here’s Jack trying to get Hobie to play…..


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5 thoughts on “March 2019 Budget

  1. You’re budgeting is awesome. I wish I had the discipline to keep track of all our expenses and categorize them. Because we are retired and not working, we have a fixed income each month. We divide it up into two separate accounts…fixed expenses and discretionary spending. It works OK but at the end of the month I have no idea what we spent the money on. I think I’m going to try and do a budget for each account and then track it for a few months to get a better handle on where out money is going. We have a decent income but manage to spend most of it each month and we should be saving at least some of it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. My husband and I were thinking about going full-time but for various reasons it is not happening. I really look forward to your blog entries for that reason.

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