First Time Seeing Bryce Canyon

When we first visit a new national park we generally start with the visitors center and then take the scenic drive.  The drive helps orient us in the park and also gives us a feel for which trail heads are the busiest.  These scenic drives can take hours, and often turn into short walks which can lead to a mini hike.  Even though we knew the Bryce scenic road was open 11 miles we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day.

Let me just say the views were absolutely stunning.  Everyone should visit this park at least once, but don’t take my word for it check out the pictures.  And yes the sky was really that blue.

Yes just wow.  Aptly named Inspiration Point.


From Left: Lee, me, Deb, and Steve


Some of the trails/viewpoints were closed, but we saw what we could.


You can see how high the snow was in some spots.


I loved the snow with the green and the red rocks.



Bryce Point was really cool, we walked all the way out to the end.


The rule in the national parks is “paws on pavement” but we left them in the car because of the snow.



The hoodoos eventually collapse under their weight and look like this picture. In 3 million years scientists estimate Bryce Canyon will be totally flat.


The shades from the sun and the clouds were really pretty.


Here’s one without us kissing 🙂



You seriously cannot take a bad picture here.


The guys doing a little posing.



One of the coolest spots is the Natural Bridge where we let the dogs out a bit.


Deb taught us how to do this cool panoramic affect. Basically I started the picture then I run behind the person taking it when they move the camera past me, then switch my position and their I am at the end. Very fun.

It was a really cool day and we decided that we would definitely try and do a hike next.  The warm weather encouraged us all that it might be possible and we had other parts of the park we wanted to explore.

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8 thoughts on “First Time Seeing Bryce Canyon

  1. Your photos are so beautiful – the scenery is amazing. And it looks like everyone is having fun!

    Can you tell me how the AT&T service is in and around the National Parks in southern Utah. We will be there for over a month (staying in campgrounds, no boondocking) and worry about our ability to get internet and cell service. Any insight would be appreciated.

    • Hi Barb. Much better than we thought although it is in and out. Our boondocking spot outside of Zion was fine. We had it right inside Bryce although not deep in the park. Canyon lands islands of the sky had it but not down in the needles. Capital reef had nothing but we have Att in Torrey outside of park. Moab we had good Att boondocking.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking…the snow adds a whole new level of wonderful to the photos!! So glad to see you loving life!!!

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