First Time at the Arizonian

After saying our goodbyes to Howard and Linda, we headed towards The Arizonian RV Park in Phoenix.  After meeting with the cardiologist, Lee was cleared to work for the whole week and as part of his deal was given a hotel room. That was definitely good for him, because he works 10-12 hour days when he does live events, but that left me with trying to figure out how to fill my time.  I really could have stayed anywhere and briefly considered Quartzsite or boondocking somewhere else to keep down the costs.  Ultimately I rejected those ideas, not because of not having services, but because I wasn’t crazy about being by myself in a boondocking setting.  Lots of solo’s do it, but I wasn’t comfortable.  Next I considered trying the Escapees Park, and might have gone that route, but I really wanted to be closer to the Phoenix area.  So I reached out to some friends to see who was still in the area and Sue reached out.

Guy and Sue are part of the original group of us who started in 2014 and several years ago we spent a couple of weeks with them in the Outer Banks.  Unfortunately our schedules hadn’t aligned and we hadn’t seen each other in three years.  I definitely knew I wanted to see them since we would be close by, but was delighted when she said their were spots opening up in their RV Park.  The Arizonian is an incredibly popular RV Resort because of its close proximity to some great RV trails.  Although it is totally booked in January and February folks were starting to pull out in late March and thankfully I was able to get it spot.

When we pulled in on Friday afternoon, Sue and Guy were waiting and immediately took possession of Jack.  It was nice not having to worry about him while we pulled in because it was a bit of an odd angle that Lee had to back into.  Thankfully we fit in just fine and the sites (which are double the width of many similar parks) was very nice.  We got setup and I took Jack down to the dog park to check it out.  This park has a really nice one, not only for its size but also because there are two back to back.  This gives you an option of which one to go in a nice feature when you have a small, skittish puppy like I do.  Once we were all settled in, we went over to Sue and Guys and got a tour of their toy hauler which we hadn’t seen before.  It was really nice and we admired their ATV.  Then Sue made us a delicious (and healthy) Mexican chicken salad and Guy took Lee for a ride in his ATV.  Lee had a blast on the ride and we really enjoyed catching up in person with both of them.

Sue introducing Jack to her dog Laci Lu

Jack was in heaven with Sue snuggles.

Sue was enjoying her puppy kisses.

The dog park was nice and big.

Jack did ok on our initial visit.  He definitely prefers the older, fuzzier dogs.

Sue’s delicious Mexican rice salad.

Guy and Lee checking out the ATV

Guy let Lee drive which was really exciting for Lee.

They both had a blast!!

The next morning I got up and went to check out the park.  At $310 a week (monthly rate is heavily discounted but we are only here 10 days), the park is not cheap, but it does have lots of nice amenities.

Big hall scheduled with a daily calendar of events.

Beautiful pool

Very nice billard room

Weight Room

And pickle-ball courts

I was surprised that the office was closed on a Saturday, but this park is run more like a retirement community than a standard RV Park. they do have to leave 10% of the spots open for travelers though to keep their Good Sam rating.

While I was walking around, Lee put together our new “to us” doggie fence.  Cori gave it to us because Hobie didn’t need it anymore and we decided to give it a try and see if Jack liked it.  One of the big benefits is we can leave the door open and Jack can come in and out at will.

At first Lee set it up like this, but smart Jack just went up the stairs and hopped over lol.


So Lee tried a different approach and eventually found a configuration where he couldn’t use the stairs as a getaway.

It’s worked out really well this week, so much so that I ordered another section.  When we are in Oregon, we both think it will be a nice way for him to be outside without needed to worry about him. It’s also very lightweight and collapses down into a relatively small space.  Lee is storing it under the container in the back of the pickup truck.

After setting up, Lee focused on getting ready for his show and it was really tough for him to pack.  When you carry everything you own with you, it is tough to separate things out.  We spent some more time with Guy and Sue and they were kind enough to loan us their ATV for a ride Sunday evening.  That was absolutely beautiful, and deserves its own post, but we both had a wonderful time.  Then Sunday morning I dropped him off at the hotel and said goodbye for the week.

I did have an moment of near panic when I was dropping him off and didn’t want to let him out of my sight.  Thankfully our good friend Brian was waiting for us and I gave him a big hug and told him he needed to take care of Lee.  God love him, he seriously promised he would, although I probably sounded like an idiot.  I haven’t felt that moment of panic in many years, and it was somewhat similar to dropping your child off for their first sleepover.  The strength of the emotion once again caught me by surprise and I found myself crying on the way back to the RV. My emotions are definitely still all over the place and I absolutely need some time to process everything that has happened.  In that respect this work trip and the separation is a blessing, although I am not sure how the week will go. The only other time I have been alone in the RV was back in 2016 and we will see how this compares.  This time I will have Jack though which should be a comfort.

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10 thoughts on “First Time at the Arizonian

  1. Good luck to you this week as you go “solo”. It will be nice to have a Jack for company. Also, good luck to Lee while he works this week. What kind of shoes does he do? I so enjoy reading your posts. Just recently discovered it. We would love to start traveling in our Airstream in a few years. My husband is still working. I’ve been retired from teaching for a few years now. I spend much time helping out with sweet grandchildren.

  2. Say “hi” to Guy and Sue for us, and I’m so glad you are with good friends this week….sending love and hugs and hopefully, one of these days, we will be able to connect!

  3. You are going to love having the dog fence around your site. We have been putting one up for the past 3 years whenever we are staying for more than a few days, and it is wonderful to be able to let the dogs out without having to put them on a leash. We keep a couple of those leash poop bag holders attached to the fence for quick clean up of the dog messes. Just be careful if you climb over the fence…we have both caught our flip flops on the fence and taken a tumble. We now open the gate to go in and out.

    • Hi Leslie. I put the amazon link in the post. Let me know if you can’t get it to work. Pay close attention to the height and we have two sets for what you see in the picture and just got a third.

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