It’s Been A While

When you are gate guarding the days tend to run together, and it seems like I blinked and twelve days have gone by since our last post.  Nothing major has been going on.  Nothing blog worthy at least, but since a couple people reached out I thought it would be nice to at least check in.  First and foremost, Jack has been bored out of his mind.  There is much less area for him to run here and the cow herd is particularly aggressive.  In the past cows have just ignored him, but these bulls lower their heads and take a couple of steps so I am keeping him inside when they are around.  Unfortunately I never know when they are going to show up and it is particularly unpleasant when it happens at night.

Jack will start to get antsy and I will peek outside


These guys get pretty close to the rig


On all sides


And since he can smell them and see them out the window he’s not happy.  As you can see those horns are no joke.

In an effort to keep him entertained we are trying all kinds of things.  We learned he likes carrots, and he gets rough and tumble with his dog bed.  The dog bed is incredibly well made because no matter how rough he gets with it, its completely intact.


Belly rubs are good too.

Sometimes just having a bath is enough entertainment! IF you watch till the end it’s got some pretty cool slow mo of him shaking off the water.

I’ve been pretty bored myself as we have about 24 days left until we can leave.  I’ve been watching the show Sliders which I’ve never seen before, and another show called Humans, but nothing really exciting going on.   I have been trying some new recipes and baking quite a bit, but besides that not feeling very creative.   I finally got all the tax information and will be starting that soon.  Definitely need to get that done before we leave. The most fun I have had is looking for baby stuff for my daughter!  Every month I get to take the amount I make from the blog and book sales and buy Kyrston a present.  This month I bought her a Fisher Price 3-in-1 play mat with a woodland baby theme.  Thanks everyone who shopped at Amazon through our link or bought a book!  Being able to buy these little things without hurting the budget means a lot to me.  Helps me feel connected to her pregnancy.  My daughters and I also started a Pinterest Baby board where we can pin cool ideas.  I am not super crafty, but there are a few things on there I might be able to make when I finish her baby quilt which I am plugging away on.  I finished all the big letters, now I just need to do the animals!

Lee on the other hand has always got some sort of project going on.  It’s pretty windy here, so Lee tried a new way to weigh down our outside tent, that is working very well.

Jack was curious


There is water in the buckets. It was necessary because we are on blacktop and he can’t use stakes.

We also were having some difficulty with our AT&T Velocity WiFi hotspot, and after several hours on the phone with tech support it turns out it is just too old.  We bought it five years ago and because it is no longer supported it can’t get updates and it has trouble staying connected to the towers.  After much discussion, Lee went ahead and bought a new version called the Nighthawk, but after ordering it he found out they cancelled the order because they wouldn’t ship it anywhere but our “home” address in FL unless he drove to an AT&T store and ordered it in person. Lee got pretty frustrated over that, because there was absolutely no way around it.  Trust me he tried.  Finally he learned a very few AT&T stores might have the item in stock, even though the AT&T website says they are only sold online. It used to be stocked in stores, but now is only available online and after making several calls he discovered there was ONE in Uvalde, which 90 miles away.  Lee went and picked it up and so far it is working great. Neither one of us was thrilled about spending $200, but we didn’t want to get a third party device just for a lower price and then have problems with it. Five years is a long time for anything to last, and if this one lasts that long it will be well worth it. Plus they had a nice Chinese restaurant two miles from the AT&T store and we were able to treat ourselves.


That’s really all that is going on.  We will be in Phoenix the week of March 22nd.  Lee is working for his old company for a week, and I’ll be seeing some friends, including Guy and Sue who I have not seen for a long time.  VERY excited about starting to move again, although I’ll be curious to see how Jack handles it.  I’ll leave you with some sunset pictures I took tonight.  It was absolutely gorgeous and on all sides of us.  Usually it’s just pretty in one location, but this night was a special 360 degree view.

Behind us towards the main road



To the left


To the right


Semi truck going down the road towards the drilling rig


another view of the rig where the sun sets


Straight overhead


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6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. I have a feeling I’ll be slowing down on my blog now too. Frequent updates will probably get boring – at least until the baby is born! It’s so fun buying baby things isn’t it? Even on a budget – there’s plenty!
    And Gene’s right – sunset pics are amazing! Reminds me of one we had when we were at Williams Fork Reservoir in CO.

  2. I love how you have been changing your blog “profile” picture more frequently. Where is the location of the one above with Tracy in front of the mushroom-shaped rock? (Sorry if I missed this somewhere!)

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