Jack’s First RV Park

It’s kind of weird that Jack has been with us for a few months now and has never been to an RV park before, but when we got him we were staying with friends and then spent the last two months gate guarding.  So when we got the call that we only had a couple of days left and they were paying for us to stay in an RV park for a few days until the next one, I was curious how it would go.  Jack hasn’t even been in the truck for two months so I didn’t know how he would handle the controlled chaos of moving.

First though we had to get through several VERY busy days as the drilling rig was pulled down and taken out.  This particular gate requires physically opening and shutting it which really does add to the workload especially on heavy truck days.  Also these trucks were the big ones, so both sides of the gate had to be opened and it seemed liked every time we walked away from the gate we were back out there opening it.

To give you a feel for the size of the trucks, take a look at the difference between the height of the cab, and the height of the load.


Our awning for perspective


It wasn’t so bad when they came out in groups but generally they were spaced 5-10 minutes apart requiring closing the gate between vehicles.

Although we had a lead for Jack outside, I really didn’t like him to be outside with all this traffic, so mainly he stayed inside unless one of us walked him.  We did get a few slow periods though and made the most of them, allowing him to come outside and roll around in the sun.

Being super cute is rough!!


He was happy in his little patch of sun



Finally, the traffic slowed and we got the word we could leave at 5pm.  In the past we went directly from one gate to another OR stayed at the “yard” (which is basically a parking lot with hookups at their supply center, but this time we were told we could go stay at an RV Park which was nice.  It was only an hour away so we went ahead and headed out at 5pm on the dot and Jack did great with us packing up and bringing in slides.  He was excited to be back in the car and we made our way down back highways to get to Triple R Resort.

The park was in the middle of nowhere and I really couldn’t understand what the draw was until we learned it was on a river.  It turned out to be pretty nice and pretty empty in off-season with lots of room for Jack to run around.  The first night he did great getting settled in but it took multiple trips to get him to go to the bathroom.  There are lots and lots of smells in a new place and he seemed to want to smell every one of them. That’s been our biggest problem for sure, because getting him to focus enough to go to the bathroom has been a problem.  He wants to smell everything, to the exclusion of anything else, and although I get it, walking him multiple times to go to the bathroom has not been fun.


We are down on the end with one other couple waiting for a gate


There is a nature walk along the river which is really pretty.

The best part of the park is they have a HUGE fenced in dog area where Jack can run.  At first all he wanted to do was walk around the edges sniffing the fence, but eventually he realized he could run a bit and that was fun watching him run.  We have no idea how long we are going to be here, but I am happy because we both really needed a little break.  Also our 30th wedding anniversary is on Feb 4th, and now we can take one of the next couple of days and have dinner and celebrate a little. There are definitely worse places to be, and it certainly beats the yards we have stayed in before.

HUGE play area


Sniffing the fence




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4 thoughts on “Jack’s First RV Park

  1. That last picture looks a lot like Max running. When we move to a new area Max will bark at noises we don’t hear. It takes more than a few days for max to settle down and stop barking at curious noises. Did you ever try the booties?

  2. Such a handsome dog and btw Happy Anniversary! We’ve been traveling since 6/18 taking one work camping job after another I think the hubby forgot about the adventuring part but it is what it is….for now. Love the blog and thanks for sharing!

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