September 2018 Budget

With a concerted effort we did really well this month, spending only $2651.  We earned $3907 and ended up with a net gain of $1256, which was great!  For more details see below. 


Groceries – Really proud of this category this month because we only spent $321.  This was a concerted effort to eat what we had, partially to help save money and partially to lighten the load for when we started traveling. (Now watch October have a HUGE grocery expense because we are out of food and have to stock up. – Lee)

Dining Out – Most of this $70 overage was when we treated ourselves to the Red Lobster shrimp feast.  Some things are just worth it.

Memberships – We renewed our Work memberships and added a Working  membership and resume.  We also purchased a years worth of Good Sam Roadside Assistance for only $40 (special), which I really felt we needed after we had the incident with the bearing going bad.  I am not a huge fan of Good Sam, but the few times we have needed it we eventually got the job done and the price was worth my piece of mind. 

New Equipment – We went over by $20 in this category purchasing items we needed for our upcoming move.  Lee completed a purge, which was nice, and in the process found some items missing or broken that needed to be replaced.  Since we are in a spot where we can receive mail we decided to take advantage of that.

Overall it was a good month, although I do want to mention we got smacked with a $4,000 bill for my biopsy.  This was a ridiculous amount of money for a procedure that took less than an hour and didn’t require an anesthesiologist.   When I called to discuss the bill I was told that we might qualify for a substantial discount because we don’t make that much money.  Since I thought the bill was crazy over priced to begin with I filled out the forms and sent them in and we will see what happens.  I wanted to mention it to be transparent, and will definitely update the previous post about being your own health care advocate.  I have the money in an HSA account to cover it, but I’ll be honest that high of a bill really freaked me out a bit. Hopefully the hospital will do the right thing and adjust it down to something reasonable.  Either way I’ll let you know. (Do not even get me started on how we have insurance and that this sort of thing should absolutely be covered, or I will yell at you for literally hours until you just give up. – Lee)

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