December 2017 Budget (With Revenue)

December turned out pretty well. We netted $1500 for the month, and that was after our travel costs to get to our new job.  This post is only about the month of December but I will be working on the annual budget and that will be out in a few days, so buy some popcorn now and avoid the long lines.  Details for this month are below.


Groceries and Dining Out  – This month was really low coming in $240 under budget.  The reason for this was spending time at our in-laws and then traveling to Texas.  Since we had next to no food when we left Kentucky, we bought fast food as we traveled.  If you lump all the categories together we were $64 to the good, which worked out nicely.

Entertainment – We went over by $59 dollars because we bought books prior to heading to our gate.  We also went to the Jim Beam Distillery and although the tickets were very reasonably priced, the souvenirs we bought, not so much.

Cell and Internet – After some difficulty we were finally able to get a correction on our bill and will receive a credit in January for the amount they have been charging us for my new cell phone.  If you remember I paid cash for the phone, but they have been billing me for it each month anyway.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reflect the credit in this calendar year, but since it was only around $160 I didn’t think it mattered much in the grand scheme of things.

Truck Fuel – As you can see we spent over $800 traveling from Kentucky to Columbus and then across Texas. Will be interesting to see how this category turns out when we look at the entire year.

Gifts – We bought Christmas presents for the girls, and presents for my niece and nephew.  I honestly don’t know what to do with this category next year.  I’ll have to look at the whole year and Lee and I will talk about it.

Miscellaneous – Although the warranty company paid some of the bill to fix the furnace, we ended up paying $178.76.  I’m so happy that it is working now that it doesn’t really bother me, but it was not an expected expense.

I know this is a short one, but I wanted to wait until the annual post to get into more details.  I was happy though that we did manage to cover our travel costs both to and from Kentucky although it didn’t cover all of our living costs for October. Still, with the bonus at the end, it was better than I originally thought it would be.

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4 thoughts on “December 2017 Budget (With Revenue)

  1. Thanks for posting your budget updates. Again, no one does it better. I appreciate the real look at expense vs income and your wiliness to share. I’m putting together our first year travel budget right now. Harder than I thought it would be to accomplish. We are planning for our first year expense budget to be more expensive than the second. I’ll have to go back and look at yours for comparison. Healthcare is the hardest part for me and I know we have to keep our income below a threshold to get any government subsidy. Karen will have Medicare within nine months of us hitting the road, so have to factor that in as well.

    At the advise of a friend, I also took a look at the difference in taking a reduced pension with survivor benefits compared to the cost of term life insurance. I know that’s a bit off-topic for you guys as you are not traveling with a pension. This is a hard decision for use and has to do with what we would do if we lost the income of the other person.

    • Hey Mark. Don’t beat yourself up to much…to some extent that first year you are shooting in the dark for a budget perspective.

      Can’t help with the life insurance part although I will say we carried it the first two years and then I dropped it. That’s largely because of our individual exit strategies.We talked through both scenarios. If Lee dies I will get off the road and get a regular job. For me I need enough In savings to allow me time to find a job.

      If I die Lee stays on the road and his cost of living would have to be much much lower. He also needs enough in savings to give himself some breathing room, but neither one of us has the expectation that we would no longer need to work if the other one dies. Again that is largely a function of our age, but it’s good to have that conversation and really talk through what it looks like.

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