Headed to see Kyrston…Finally!!

Mom and I woke up to an absolutely gorgeous sunrise on Thursday and I was very excited about seeing my oldest Daughter.  We had plans to spend a week with her back in April 2016 but broke our shackle as we were pulling out of a campground and had to spend that week dealing with our first major repair. Consequently we never got to see her apartment, and although she came up and spent time with us while our repair was being done, that has always bothered us. So despite the extra driving from Ohio to Charleston then back to Kentucky, both of us knew we needed to spend some time with her.

Kyrston was excited about seeing us also, and she drove the 2 hours to Myrtle Beach to have lunch with Mom and I and then we transferred our stuff and headed down to Charleston.  Mom wanted to treat us to a special lunch, and we went to the Sea Captains House which is right on the ocean in Myrtle Beach.  Keep in mind if you go here that it is a very popular restaurant, but since we showed up 15 minutes before they started serving lunch, Mom was able to get us a beautiful window side table.  The menu was really good, with lots of selections, and I was thrilled that they had Carolina Shrimp on the menu.  Not all of the entrees are made with Carolina Shrimp though, so make sure you pay close attention to what you order.

Beautiful seat

With an awesome view

Me, Kyrston, and Mom

I got this appetizer which was marinated Carolina shrimp. Yummy

Mom and Kyrston

I was glad Mom and Kyrston got to see each other, although if Mom moves here they will hopefully see each other quite a bit.  Then Kyrston and I got in her car and drove the 2-1/2 hours to our campground.  While we were heading that way, Lee was also on his way down.  He got back from New Hampshire on Friday and picked up our RV from the dealership, and thankfully both the slide and the furnace were fixed!!  Finally a working heater and just in the nick of time since we will definitely need it in Kentucky.  The repairs only cost us $130 (deductible and some misc parts) and we were both thrilled with the job that RCD RV Center did.

He also got a chance to use our new disc brakes while he was making his way towards us, because a small car cut him off on the freeway then slammed on it’s brakes and he missed it by inches.  Lee swerved into the break down lane, convinced he wouldn’t stop in time, but the new trailer brakes grabbed hold and helped stopped the truck and trailer.  He is really pleased so far with the Mor-Ryde brakes and definitely felt they improved the ride. Which was a good thing because despite being completely apart in different states for over a week, we arrived in Charleston within an hour of each other.  Kyrston and I went to the campground and I realized how much I missed our home.  Lee and Kyrston talked, while I walked around touching stuff (true story) and feeling that sense of relief at being back where I belonged.

I also got to go through the few things Lee had pulled from storage and brought to the rig and was finally reunited with my Christmas tree and looked through a Child Craft book called Places to See that I had as a child.  As we have traveled the country the last few years, I often get this weird feeling of Deja Vu and thought it might be because of this book I often read as a child.  I immediately opened it up, and no kidding it fell to a page, which contained a picture of the Sea Lion Caves we just visited this summer in Oregon!!  Lee, who I think thought I was crazy until this point, was duly impressed, and I can’t wait until I have some time to sit down and cross check where we have already visited.

I loved these books as a child

There it is the sea lion cave

Kyrston was really excited to see her Paa Paa..as she calls him 🙂

I was also excited to see that this lid I bought in Columbus fit my pan. Denny had recommended it and we made a special trip to pick one up ($3.88 on closeout). Not only does it fit but has the cool collapsible middle so I can stir without hopefully making such a big mess.

The next  day we went to hang out at Kyrston’s because it was pouring.  We hadn’t seen this much rain in quite some time and it was great because their place was 9 miles away and I loved it.  What a great apartment for a newly married couple, and the decorations were thoughtful and stylish. It was wonderfl seeing some of our old stuff had made the cut and I loved how she blended her things with Jeremy’s.  We even brought them a house warming present we had picked up in Ohio and I was thrilled it fit right in.

Beautiful collage wall in the dining room

They both have a guitar and I love how she made it part of the decoration

I loved this which was on the back of the kitchen cabinets. They used chalboard paint and Kyrston free handed the drawings. She definitely gets this talent from her grandma DeDe

Lots of little touches like these beads in the bottom of the sink

Love this

This was our present and they found a place for it right away!

We spent the evening talking and catching up and we got to spend more time with their puppy (now 2 years old) Fynn.  He’s a really good dog and knows some tricks which was fun.  Plus Jeremy, who was a chef for 12 years, showed me how to make Chicken Marsala.  I took lots of detailed notes and learned several new techniques so hopefully I can duplicate it and put it in the next cook book.

Finn and Kyrston

Finn gives hi-fives

And shakes

Kyrston and Lee talked and talked

While Jeremy taught me his recipe

So good!

The next night they treated us to dinner at High Cotton which is an upscale restaurant where they work.  We really got the all star treatment while we were there as all the managers and several employees came to see us throughout the dinner.  We also got a few extra treats as the meal went on and it was absolutely wonderful food.  My favorite though of the entire meal was the raspberry sorbet (my absolute favorite) which was silky smooth, exactly the way I like it!

In downtown Charleston

Kyrston and Jeremy

A yummy little amuse bouche

Another tasty little treat from the kitchen

The seafood tower was decadent and the stuffed mushrooms were amazing

They are all about the customer service and I loved that they had extra pairs of readers, which Lee needed for the menu

My Halibut with haricot verts and roasted potatoes

Lee’s ribeye was cooked exactly the way he likes it

My favorite entree though was Jeremy’s pork chop. I think that was the best piece of pork I have ever had

Kyrston loves her dad

My raspberry sorbet

Lee’s apple crisp!

me, Lee, Kyrston, and Jeremy

Yes, it is on the pricey side, but if you are looking to splurge I highly recommend it.  Plus ask if Jeremy or Kyrston are working and you can tell them you read their mom’s blog!  The next day they had to work, so Lee and I went to meet Nancy and Bill.  They are friends of ours we met at our first RV Dreams rally and we haven’t seen them since 2015.  Nancy reached out when she saw we were heading their way and we met in the middle at a restaurant they had eaten at before.

The SeeWee was about as different from High Cotton as you can get with casual diner style and a simple menu.  The food though was really great and I loved their local fried shrimp which were absolutely fantastic and Lee’s chocolate pie was to die for.  Plus Lee got some home made blueberry muffins (with Maine blueberries no less) from Nancy and we had a wonderful time getting caught up.  Bill and Nancy grabbed the check, despite my objections, and said they always did that “for their kids.”

That statement really touched me and we are honored that they feel that way about us.  We have had a special connection with them from the first time we met, and although we rarely get to see each other, Nancy sends me nice little comments through my blog which lets me know they are keeping an eye on us. They have  been role models and inspirations to us and we often say if Nancy and Bill can do it so can we.  Love you guys and we are so glad we got to spend some one-on-one time together.

From left: Bill, Nancy, me, and Lee

The shrimp “popped” in your mouth amazing

And the pie was awesome!

We all sat outside after we ate and talked in this cool little space

Homemade blueberry muffins! So delicious!!

We feel great about our visit here, but it’s time to head north to Amazon to see Kelly and Bill and Linda and Steve.  We have our paperwork done and our shifts so once we are settled in I will start blogging about it.  I have heard from many people they are interested in my take on it, but they have the most rigorous confidentiality agreement I have yet seen.  I will be going back to the Day by Day format, but my focus will need to be mainly on how I am holding up physically as they are really specific about the proprietary nature of their processes and procedures.  Hopefully I can still manage to create enjoyable content with those restrictions, we will just have to see.  As always thanks for following along!

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11 thoughts on “Headed to see Kyrston…Finally!!

  1. Lots of resemblance between your mom, you and Kryston! You can definitely tell you belong to each other. Family time is the best…. so glad you were able to fit so much in.

  2. Wow what a whirlwind few weeks for the two of you! But there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to physically put your arms around your Loved ones now and then!! We also have a few homes that we frequent every now and then and the one thing it reinforces is that we both are certainly happy with our full time RV Life! So happy you got some much needed family time! Good Luck with Amazon!

  3. Glad we were able to catch up with you two;o)) It was great spending time with you and getting to know you even better!! I believe after your whirlwind “vacation”, Amazon will be a piece of cake;o)) Good Luck and Happy Trails……

  4. You sure packed in a lot these past couple of weeks! Next time you’re visiting Kyrston if you have some more free time, you should head 2 hours south to here in Savannah GA. (Paula Deen’s home town). It’s a really cool historic town, I think you would like it!

  5. So happy for you that you got to spend time with Kyrston! Her apartment looks adorable – looks so homey and comfortable! Will keep their restaurant in mind when we visit Charleston! And – what a nice bonus to see Nancy & Bill! Love the funky place where you had lunch! Another addition to list!

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