February 2017 Budget with Revenue

We had one of our best months ever with costs of only $2380.44 and revenue of $3500, resulting in a net cash flow of $1119.56. For details on the individual categories please see below. 



Campground Fees –  $0 because we are work kamping. 

Groceries – We spent a little more than last month, mainly because I was pushing to finish some recipes to get the recipe book completed. Still under budget month  spending $558 or $42 less than budget.  I did spend a little on alcohol this month but that was all types of wine for cooking. (Suuuuuure. – Lee)

Dining Out – We spent the bulk of this on our anniversary dinner, but then we did really well and didn’t eat out at fast food places (except I had Burger King once) which kept us under budget by $46.

Entertainment –  No days off and not much to do around here, so we only spent $65.63.  That was going to the movies and Lee bought a video game online. (After owning and playing Call of Duty since 2003 (!!!) for some reason when I sat down to play it once again in all the down time, it wouldn’t run at all. So I bought it again. I figured since I have enjoyed it for hundreds and hundreds 0f hours, they were entitled to another $19.99 – Lee)

Cell/Internet – We went over by 3 Gig or $45 extra in January, which we ended up paying in February.  We have now signed up on AT&T unlimited plan and our new bill should be substantially less, which we are VERY excited about.  Since this is one of our highest budget items, that reduction in spending is going to be significant.  

Memberships – We paid for another year of Work Kamper News , which we use all the time to find jobs and is a no-brainer for us.  We also renewed our Xscapers membership for one more year.   Aside from our one trip to the Rose Bowl, we haven’t gotten much benefit from this membership.  This year I am committed to really finding out if this has value for us.  I want to check out their Job Board and see what’s on there, because that could definitely be helpful. 

Truck Fuel –  We spent $125 which was well under budget.  We made the trip into San Antonio and then Lee made a few more trips to nearby towns and one other trip to San Antonio as well. 

Insurance – Our truck insurance went up $20 a month to $153. Since I really like Nationwide and they covered us with no issue when we had accidental fuel contamination I am really hesitant to leave them, but I hope these $20 a year changes are not going to be the norm.  We didn’t owe RV insurance this month because we paid last month when they had a billing error.  

Home Furnishings – I have nothing in the budget for this category since the changes Lee made to the desk are a business expense.  From a cash flow perspective the materials costs around $150.  I am not planning on skipping business items always (Work Kamper membership is one for example), but in this case I did decide to leave it out since it is directly related to Lee’s editing.  Like I said, I don’t do that often and when I do I will try and mention it. 

So it was another good month.  Lee was able to move $700 into our operating income savings account, which was really nice.

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7 thoughts on “February 2017 Budget with Revenue

  1. I’m surprised you guys don’t use satellite for TV. There are some very affordable options, and then you can watch as much TV as you want. Many people I know set up satellite TV even when only weekend camping.

    • When we first hit the road, we got a satellite. We had nothing but problems with it. The line of sight was an issue, as well as the fact that every time it was set up it had to scan for the on screen guide, and download that data. That took about 20 minutes. And if someone should happen to walk or drive in front of the dish, it would interrupt the signal, and it would take 20 minutes to come back. No on board storage on the receiver box, just temporary memory. Not at all useful. We also discovered that even with two TV’s and two receivers and two LNB’s, if we wanted to watch two different shows, or watch one and record another, both channels had to be on the same satellite. In short, it was not an acceptable experience. So we download everything. – Lee

      • When we first joined RV-Dreams, I was like you… thought we’d need a dish, but then options started appearing for streaming everything we usually watch and I thought what if we simply used the satellite money for extra data instead. At first it wasn’t enough by my calculations but rates continue to drop and I knew, in time, that it would eventually be doable based on my estimates of our data consumption. Looks like that time has arrived and two years ahead of our start date. OTA is still free and fills in some gaps, netflix, amazon prime et al do the rest as best as I can see, so that will be our plan. For now, while still in a S&B we jump from provider to provider as they compete for our content dollars ever more vigorously. Love a free market. With all the “reality” TV these days, content has suffered and we find ourselves watching less TV as time goes by.

        As to the rest of your budget, from all accounts you are making it work for your budget which appears similar to what we are projecting so each report you give continues to bolster our confidence and maybe, just maybe, make us a tiny bit jealous. It keeps us motivated. LOL

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