September Budget 2016

I didn’t include revenue numbers this month because we haven’t actually gotten a paycheck yet from the beet harvest.  Once the beet harvest is complete I will do a final accounting of the money spent here and money made.  It was a rough month, one of the highest we have had with $5,313 spent.  Details are below and this is going to be short and to the point, because it’s 3am and I am very tired.




















Campground Fees – Under budget at $292 because part of the month was covered by Alaska Work Kamping and part was covered by Beet Harvest work kamping. 

Groceries – Over by $259.  Part Alaska, part Canada, part stocking up in advance of harvest, part we just buy to much food.  

Dining Out – Over a little bit but not bad.  Offset by spending $0 in entertainment this month. 

Memberships Spent $177 which was our $80 America the Beautiful pass for National Parks and my very first AARP membership.  America the Beautiful more than paid for itself last year and I bought the AARP because people talk about the discounts they get.  Plus why not…if you turn 50 …own it!!

Truck Fuel Over by $649.  Alaska, Alaska, Alaska.  I can’t stress enough, when you are thinking about how much it will cost factor in the going and returning. 

Truck Maintenance – Alignment repairs for $424 one of the few things not covered under our warranty and caused by Alaska roads.  Almost everyone I know who goes has some sort of related truck/RV expense so again factor that in. 

Clothing – The $199 was directly attributable to beet harvest clothing.  Boots for me and long johns for both of us.  Not everything will be found at thrift stores. I will factor that cost into that analysis when the revenue all comes in. 

Gift/Postage – We sent a large gift to my nephew and it ended up costing about $150 in postage and shipping materials all together. Ever start something thinking it wouldn’t cost that much then it ends up costing a bunch more than you though?  Well that’s what happened.  What can I say, it’s expensive shipping a large caribou skull. Who knew??

Home Maintenance – Went over by about $77.  Not sure why.  To tired to figure it out.


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3 thoughts on “September Budget 2016

  1. “It’s only Money” has been my Mantra the last couple of days, not knowing if my house will be standing in Flagler Beach after Hurricane Mathew….so don’t sweat the small stuff and get some sleep💕❤️ P.S. Can you keep one of those football size beets as a door-stopper? LOL

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