March 2016 Budget

This month looks worse than it truly was from a budget perspective because of two major purchases.  We finally broke down and bought good hiking shoes (after I sprained my ankle) and those ran about $250.  We also had to double pay our insurance in March as we transitioned to a new policy and had to pay $309 upfront to make sure there was no gap in coverage. So if you take those two purchases out of the equation we were only $100 over which was pretty great considering how much activity we crammed into March.  See below for the details.

March 2016



















Campground Fees – We did great in this category because we stayed in less expensive campgrounds out west.  Look for this to shoot up as we head east and then settle to nothing as we start our work kamping job.

Groceries – Really happy with groceries as we ended up about $100 under.  We did a great job of managing those costs when we were with Cori and Greg and we focused on cleaning our our freezer (needed defrosting) for the rest of the month.

Dining Out – We were over by $180 but $100 of that was our big meal in Texas which was a deliberate splurge.  The $72 in eating on the run continues to be a challenge, but not for lack of effort on our part.  Travel days we tend to grab food more frequently and it’s simply not practical to pack a lunch everywhere you go.  We talk about this a lot though and continue to work on it.  We found these great $1 Bumble Bee Snack On The Run at Wal-Mart that Lee really likes and that is helping, but I really need to find an alternative to peanut butter and jelly. 

Truck Fuel – We were over by $210 which was a bit of a surprise for me since the gas prices are so low.  We are filling up the truck every other day on travel days and that does add up. Expect this to get worse before it gets better and I am very curious what happens when we are work kamping in Alaska. 

Gifts – I splurged and bought gifts from Mexico for my nieces and nephews we will be seeing in April.  What is the use of having a traveling Aunt if she doesn’t bring you cool stuff once in a while.

Equipment – One of our relatively new Rhino sewer hose got a leak in it and had to be replaced and Lee installed another 8′ vinyl fence post cover for storing sewer hoses and   accessories to get them and their associated odors smells out of the storage compartment. I also bought a ton of magnets and those add up.  Anyway, we were about $60 over in aggregate. 

So not to bad, will see what happens in April.


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9 thoughts on “March 2016 Budget

  1. Not too bad at all! We are starting a new budget next week when we start our Alaska adventure. We saved up and are allotting $15,000 on top of our normal budget for the summer. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I see you went over in your “gifts” category and bought me something disguising as something for your nieces. That is awfully nice of you, you can give it to me when we see you this summer!

  2. For travel days – we always keep granola bars, yogurt, trail mix, and fruit on hand, which helps keep us away from fast food on the road. Not only do I want to stay away from a budget perspective, but also a calorie one.

  3. Yikes. Can you break down that $440 per month for cell/internet/TV and expand on what service(s) you currently have? We haven’t gone full time yet, but I’m trying to figure out a budget, and I certainly don’t have that much budgeted. I know everyone’s needs are different, but am I being unrealistic in only budgeting $200/mo for that? As a couple, I’m hoping for one fully enhanced smart phone, 1 cheapie phone (minimal services), not that much into TV, but will want decent internet access (was hoping a mifi would suffice most of the time – don’t need internet for work)….. thanks!

    • Hi Sandy,

      We are definitely on the high side of data because Lee’s work requires it and we download/stream most of our TV. We have a double data ATT plan and get 80gb for the price of 40 at $340 a month including one smart phone which is paid for. We have a second phone for Verizon with 1 gB data used for areas where there is no ATT which is no paid for at $62 month. I would absolutely recommend looking at Technomadias information to determine what your costs will be. There is a ton of variation in this category depending on so many factors, but we are absolutely on the high side. I will say thoug that if you are planning on relying on wifi think twice, since we rarely find good wifi anywhere we go. Be realistic about what you will need and buy a little over that since when you go over (which we have done three times in 1-1/2 years) it costs $15 a gig …ugly.

  4. We have definitely found the west to be a lot friendlier on our budget!! (I’d like to say we’re getting better at managing the budget, but not sure that’s the case!!)

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