First Time Freezing Up the Water Hose

We had a wonderful visit with our friends Cori and Greg and their awesome dog Hobie (cavachon).  They have a really nice Class A and since our rig was frankly a god awful mess (filled with last-minute stuff), they were kind enough to let us hang at their place.  They had my favorite bottle of  wine, Honey Jack Daniels for Lee, and champagne on hand to celebrate our new life.  We had so much fun, especially playing Cards Against Humanity, at which Lee totally demolished us all. To thank them for being so awesome we took them to lunch and ended up eating at this little diner where the movie the Blob was filmed many years ago.  I guess the local movie theater recreates the scene from the movie every year where everyone comes running out screaming.  The food was good, dessert was delicious, and the company beyond compare.  We were so happy that we got to share our launch with such great made a wonderful experience even better. 

The diner where the movie The Blob was filmed. Yummy desert!!

The diner where the movie The Blob was filmed. Yummy desert!!








Because the drive was so crazy on Friday we decided to take our time with the remaining nine hours.  We split it into two 5 hour trips..leaving very early in the morning and getting to our destination by 11:30.  This was MUCH better.  We used the walkie talkies, Lee mapped the route (including Flying J stops) in advance, and despite some heavy rain, it was much better.  Plus getting at a campground and setting up in the daytime is of course way better than rolling in late at night and trying to set up in the dark.  Our first stop was a Passport America Park called Stoney Creek RV Resort.  For the low Passport America price of $19 we got a pull through site with water and 50 amp electric for the night.  We had heard quite a bit about Passport America and since it’s pretty cheap, decided to give it a try.  I was VERY happy with how easy it was to use.    They have an app to look up the participating campgrounds and we had no issue at all getting the price.  Definitely recommend it for those short stays..will let you know how it works down the road for longer ones.  If you do decide to sign up please use our number C-650771 as a reference number and I think we will get some time added to our membership.

The campground was nice and had a nice man-made pond with a beach.  It was well wooded, and had one of the best  laundry rooms I’ve seen so far.  The wifi was strong and I would definitely recommend it for a quick stay.  They also had a really cool event room and it looks like this place would be a lot of fun in season, but this time of year it was pretty empty.


Stoney Creek RV Resort








I also took this picture of a tree trunk in the park, because I love nature sculptures and thought this was pretty neat. Please excuse the Dallas Cowboys trailer in the background.  I was so excited by the tree I didn’t even notice that.  Sorry my Texan friends but I am NOT a Dallas fan.









It was cold and rainy so we didn’t venture out much but Lee took advantage of the time to start with the organizing.  Most of that will come when we get settled in South Carolina, but he had to do some of it so we could walk from one end of the coach to another 🙂  We knew it was going to be cold that night, but since it rained all day we didn’t think it would get that cold.  So first thing in the morning we discovered our water hose was frozen and since we were traveling we didn’t put any water in the tank.  So let me say we know better.  We had talked this particular issue to death prior to going on the road and it was just stupid.  Thankfully all it cost us was showers in the morning.  Nothing burst and we had bottled water in the rig for brushing our teeth.  I also had purchase some adult wipes which work ok for cleaning up in a pinch. Funny story, I have been carrying around these soap pads for over a year, don’t ask me why, in case we were in a situation with no water.  So I am all proud of myself and I go pull them out and right on the package it says need water.  Geez those are going in the trash.

So despite the chaos we got on the road and finally made it to Ebenezer Park in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  The park ranger was so nice and it took awhile, but we backed into our site which has a beautiful view of the lake.  Lots of pics in my next entry I promise.  We deployed and then went to see my sister who lives about 15 minutes away.  She is in the process of adopting a new baby, and although I can’t show you pics of him yet because the adoption isn’t finalized he is the most beautiful happy and fat baby on the planet!!  Of course I am little biased, but he was amazing and I loved seeing my niece and nephews.  Deb and Steve are due in tomorrow and are staying in the same campground so this should be a great week!

 Lessons Learned

  • Disconnect your water hose from the faucet if you even think it might freeze overnight
  • Put some water in your fresh water tank if you think it will freeze so you can take a shower in the morning
  • Adult wipes work for cleaning up in a pinch
  • Passport America is a good deal

Stoney Creek RV Resort – Greenville, VA 3 out of 5 pine cones

Man made pond with beach, well wooded.  Passport America location electric and water hookup only cost us $19 per night.  Many pull through’s.  Wifi.  Small camp store and friendly staff.  Multiple kids play areas and a terrific laundry facility.  The bathrooms were clean, I didn’t see the showers.  Definitely fine for an overnight stay and looks like it would be good for longer.



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5 thoughts on “First Time Freezing Up the Water Hose

  1. Awesome post! I had the same problem with my water hose yesterday and wasn’t smart enough to have water in the tank – live and learn!

    When we meet (hopefully soon) – we must also play Cards Against Humanity. Our daughter introduced it to us, although she still feels very uncomfortable playing the game with her “old fart” parents!!!

    Diner – I miss those. I think it’s mostly a NJ thing.

    I also love nature sculptures. That tree root is amazing!

    Safe travels!

  2. Sounds like good times in PA! Dang this cold snap. Funny about those soap pads! I also love natures art. I wonder what the story with that stump is? Lightning maybe? Last night’s chili and cornbread was delicious. How wonderful to add another member to the family. Congrats to your sisters family!

  3. I’m sure you know but you can buy heated water hose that will not freeze. Like most good RV accessories, it is expensive though – $109 for 25 feet at campingworld. There is also heat tape you can wrap around your existing hose, but it is just as expensive.

      • The heated hose is a good addition to your arsenal. We have one and love it.

        I wonder if Cheryl remembers the Silver Dollar (a.k.a. Rosie’s) Diner from Little Ferry, NJ. They moved it to Rockford, MI in the 1990’s and ran it as Rosie’s Diner for quite awhile. It is currently closed and has a new owner, but hopefully it will reopen in a new location closer to Grand Rapids. It is a classic!

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