Nick comes to Visit

I worked all last week in Atlanta and was so glad to get home.  It was hot in Atlanta, not sure how I’ll handle the summers when we move down south.  I definitely don’t like sweating at 6:30 in the morning.  Heck I don’t like sweating at all but that’s crazy hot.   I did have a very productive work week.  The people were nice and we worked together to find a solution for a problem they were having, which is one of my favorite things.  I missed my camper though and was happy when I got to it around 7:30 pm.  Lee came and got me at the parking area.  We can only have one car at a time back here, which is more of an issue during the week than on weekends. When I came into the camper it was totally spotless and Lee had finished putting the custom-made drawer fronts onto the desk.  He has also met with the dealer tech and finally they replaced the bad washer dryer combo with a new Splendide and fixed the last of the remaining issues we had.  It was great coming home and I let out a huge relaxed sigh as soon as I stepped into the camper.

Desk area Lee made for me with customer drawer fronts stained to match

Desk area Lee made for me with customer drawer fronts stained to match











We spent the night getting reacquainted…wink wink, nudge nudge…and I fell asleep listening to the sounds of nature.  MUCH better than being in a hotel room.   The next morning we had to get up early though because we had a house showing at 11am.  Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful there is any kind of movement on the house, but I would have loved to have slept in a bit.  We swept, cleaned bathrooms, weeded, and mowed the lawn…essentially touched up, and then went downtown to send Kay her daily mail.  We are both trying to write something every day to her, even if it’s a card, and we’re both doing really good. We haven’t received anything back yet, but Lee says they don’t give her time to write until a couple of weeks in. Anyway, we needed to kill some time before going back to the house to close up and went to the farmer’s market.  Now, you all know I love the farmer’s market, and we bought some cool stuff this time.  We purchased some amazing cow’s milk cheese, goat’s milk soap (I got cranberry scented), some honey and goat’s milk bath scrub, an absolutely beautiful tomato and some delicious plums.  The plums were amazing. I can see that in the future farmer’s markets are going to cause me serous budget issues, but I just can’t resist.   We went back and checked the house and it’s a good thing we did as the Realtor had left the back screen door wide open! Then we went to the grocery store on our way back to the camper.  With just the two of us we are trying to reorganize how we menu plan and buy food.  I would like to work with a $150 weekly food budget, but we spent $190 this week, so I think that’s going to take some practice.  We are also going to the store together…it was always a “divide and conquer” exercise for us with one or the other going.  It went well although we did have a bit of a conversation about the $10 worth of pie Lee bought!!  (That was mostly a one-sided conversation. She did a lot of talking about the pie, I bought the pie. It’s pie. It needs to be bought, or it can’t become. – Lee) When we finally made it back to the camper I was pooped. I took a nap, knowing our friends were coming over and it would probably be a late night.

Georgia and Jim got here around six and brought Nick (Georgia’s son) and Chinese food.   Nick is the son we would have had if we would have had a boy, and has been part of our life since he started  interning for Lee when he was 15 years old.   That eventually grew into a part-time job for Cheshire TV (the public access TV station Lee runs) and led to Nick going to college and pursuing a dream to work in the entertainment industry.  Luckily he got some work right out of college and is currently on tour with Drake and Lil Wayne.  He has toured with them all over the US and internationally, and is now doing the domestic leg of the tour. He had a short break in Boston, so he came to see his family, and us.   Nick has an amazing work ethic (in no small part I think due to working with my husband) and keeps getting more work and promotions on the tour.  It’s a tremendous opportunity for a 26-year-old and we are so very proud of him and happy he is in our lives.

Nick and Lee

Nick and Lee (I’m not sure what’s all over his face, but it looks weird, doesn’t it?- Lee)











We had a really good time with Nick, Georgia, and Jim, but didn’t get to bed until close to midnight.  So, to even things out I slept until 9:30 🙂  Lee made me a nice big breakfast and then I went outside to read a bit.  It finally got warm enough to take the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Jake Crosby had challenged Wendy and I and I couldn’t let him down, but I was driving myself crazy all weekend trying to think of a creative way to do it.  Finally, I gave up and just settled on a big bucket of cold water and the expression on my face.  Wow it was cold!!  But I did it, and challenged my best buds Jo, Cori, and Kelly to complete the challenge also.

Tonight we are having some steak and then I am driving back to the house to sleep in the stick and bricks.  I have my annual physical starting at 7am tomorrow and the hospital is right around the corner  from the house.  Then some work, getting my nails done, then back to the camper.  I did layout a menu for this week with some new recipes, so hopefully I will have some new recipes to post later this week.  I also added the seafood enchiladas to last week’s post as promised.  Our plan is to try to stay in the camper as much as possible until November 1st when the campground closes so I will be posting as things happen.  We also are definitely going to do some more paddling.  I read that paddling when the leaves are changing is amazing and that should be starting up here very soon.

Oh, one last thing.  In order to generate some interest in the house, we have worked with the real estate agent to change the listing.  Thought I would share it with you as I wish I would have done something like this from the very beginning.  You cannot be passive when you’re trying to sell your house especially in this market.  Will let you know if it increases the traffic.

WARNING! Looking at this home may cause you to make an offer!  This motivated seller has priced this large 4 bedroom 2 bath to sell. There is a balcony from the private Master Suite overlooking the large fenced back yard. Features a large concrete patio, an oversized garage, finished basement, lots of storage space, and much more. Located in a great neighborhood, within walking distance to Keene Middle School.  Seller will include all appliances, patio furniture, lawn mower, snow blower, and even the large screen TV! Immediate occupancy is available and assistance with closing costs is negotiable.



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9 thoughts on “Nick comes to Visit

  1. The desk area looks very nice, great job !!!
    And yes it is Hot Hot Hot here, we have been in Atlanta at Stone Mountain CG for a week and will be here till this coming Friday,

  2. The desk looks great! Always nice to have visitors. What an accomplishment getting to work around the world! Gotta love a good ‘ol farmers market! Lots of yummies. You are brave doing the IBC. I don’t DO cold water. We look forward to visiting Oct when we’re in VT/NH. I like your clever home advertising. Sounds like you are adjusting better than you thought!

  3. Hey Trace – Love the new comments for your house – very catchy! I wrote mine for my realtor. I didn’t really mean to – she asked me to write down a few fav’s about the house and what made me buy it over other houses she had showed me. I got carried away (imagine that?!) and she used my exact words! Her broker sent her an email saying she loved the comments and she had to tell her I wrote them! Made me feel good! No one knows your house the way you do!

    Anyway – we are hoping to have visitors this weekend coming up – after the closing on Friday! Can’t believe it’s finally almost here! Wow! I am so tired!
    We signed up for the boondocking rally – still not sure of our plans for May. We would love to go to the rally, but we have a wedding we should go to in Vegas. I think we have time.
    Anyway – miss you guys! Keep me updated on EVERYTHING – LOL!

  4. You should call me, we need to have a talk about your food budget! Micah and I thought about it and we spend 40 per week, 50 tops and we eat well. Big goobers.

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