First Time Traveling Long Distances – Columbus, OH

This morning we woke up early, and decided to go watch the sun rise at Niagara Falls. With unwashed hair and pajama pants we drove over to the State Park.  It was fantastic. We didn’t have to pay the $10 for parking or deal with any crowds and a nice man took our picture for is. It was lovely and quiet, exactly what it should have been and I loved it. I know a lot of folks do things like this all the time, but for use venturing out on a whim un-showered and  is definitely NOT the norm. I don’t think Lee has ever done it in his life. That’s what is so amazingly awesome for us in being a camping couple. The more relaxed lifestyle has so many cool benefits and makes it clear what really matters in life.  See below for how happy we look 🙂


As we traveled along to our hometown of Columbus, Ohio we discovered Gas Buddy is a fantastic app. We used it and found gas for 50 cents cheaper per gallon on the Seneca Reservation in NY. It also showed Erie, PA was 50 cents cheaper as well. When your filling up a 36 gallon tank, that is a significant difference.  Oh and the speed limit in Ohio is 70 now. That was nice! Lunch today for me is leftover hot dogs. The microwave doesn’t work without power but the gas stove does,  so a quick heat up in frying pan (along with sauerkraut of course) and I am good to go. Well not so good to go.. The best laid plans. First off I took a nap in the truck and woke up disoriented. Then the camper was parked so that the inside leaned quite a bit which made the experience similar to what I imagine eating lunch in a fun house would be like. Heating up the hot dogs worked well,  but we don’t have fresh water in the tank so no good way to clean the pan. I really need to spend some time thinking this through, but we are learning 🙂  

We had dinner at the in-laws along with my mom at Bob Evans and some nice conversation. It was fun to show everyone the camper in person.  We also parked the camper right outside my in-laws house so $0 for camping fees tonight 🙂  Next stop Hollywood Casino in Joliet, IL.

Lessons Learned

  • When you stop for lunch pick a flat place to park
  • Think ahead on how to clean your dishes and dispose of your trash after having a hot lunch
  • Niagara Falls is really neat first thing in the morning


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