Local (near Keene, New Hampshire) Campsite Research – Day 2

Much better today from a communication standpoint and the weather was beautiful, but it still took overall roughly about an hour per site (8 campgrounds in 8 hours) and we did get lost a couple of times, but not nearly as much.  When you get lost, using good old-fashioned street addresses works great btw.  We went old school 🙂  The reviews are listed below.

Tree Farm Campground –  53 Skitchewaug Trail, Springfield VT

The campground has decent signage and a super friendly  group of folks were hanging out with  their dogs when we pulled in.  The sites are only $33 a night ($600 for a month) and all of them have Electric/Water/Sewage.    A lot of seasonals but also many open sites with lots of space between them .  Lee characterized it as “extreme separation” between sites which is great for us.  Numerous  pull throughs some as double the size of other sites we have seen.  We saw no kids at all, which for us was a bonus… not that we don’t like kids but it was cool that this appeared largely adult only.  The campground was super quiet, we could hear lots of birds in the trees.   We saw several large RV’s or  5 th wheels fitting comfortably on sites and got  super excited.  Lee said he could see being seasonal here and liked that each site has two mounted metal trash cans on it.  We drove around, picked our favorite sites 19, 22, 23, and 17 in order and then booked a weekend.  The campsite is cash only and required a deposit but it was only $30 (one nights stay) because we are Good Sam members.   Another nice benefit is check in is at noon and  if no one else is booked in your site you can stay a little later on Sunday.  Perkins Rating: Reserved a site

Caton Place Campground – 2419 East Road,  Cavendish VT
Things were going so well so we of course had to get completely lost.  Somehow the wrong address was entered (ask Lee my version was just fine)  and we ended up on a dirt road where I kid you not some coon dogs saw us and ran after the car for about half a mile.  We finally asked a woman for help and her accent was so thick I couldn’t understand the directions.  Lee did and they took us under a railroad bridge, over a railroad track, and past numerous ramshackle houses.  Finally we got back on the main road and made it to the right location.  The signage wasn’t very good to the spot (even after we had the correct address) and there was no full-time person at the office.  Doug ran up and helped us, he was very friendly gave us a map and told me to make a circle and then go up to “snob hill”.  This was not a good sign to me as that kind of division in a small campground did not bode well.  They had a big meadow area and several smaller sites which were wooded and would work well for electric/water only campers.  Most of the seasonals were on the hill and they seemed to have all the best sites.  There was a pool which people were using and a swimming pond which looked pretty gross.  Overall not a friendly vibe.   Perkins Rating: Not for Us – Your Mileage May Vary

Crown Point Camping Area –  131 Bishop Camp Rd,  Perkinsville VT
The campground was near a very nice reservoir with nearby state park trails.  The signage was pretty good and there were several “please excuse our mess” signs as they are trying to improve the campground.  Wood was $10 and it was unclear  how much you could take but it looked like a lot.  There was a big carved eagle in the campground which was nice and it is  next to a cemetery.  This doesn’t bother me in the slightest but I know it might creep some people out.  There were very few full service sites but they were large sites and pull-throughs and Lee felt they were “gigantic”.    Site 117 was our favorite  although 112 and 114 would also work.  Overall it was very quiet although we did hear one barking dog for a little while.  The town of Perkinsville is 4 minutes away but there were no stores or restaurants so it would be a bit of a hike if you needed something.  Perkins Rating:  Worth Trying

Running Bear Campground 6248 US 5,  Weathersfield Vt
The campground had good signage and was close to the main roads.  Surrounded by a nice community  with local restaurants  and a grocery store.  We saw  beautiful views of hills and when we pulled in the stop sign said “WHOA”, which I liked.  They were also Good Sam Club members so I was feeling great.  It all went down from there.  First an elderly woman parked her car right behind us and blocked us in even though there were tons of parking spaces available.  When we drove through the campground we saw the campers were all right on top of each other. Literally about 8-10 feet between them. Honestly I don’t get that why for the same price people would be packed in like sardines.   There was a huge meadow area and the back was wooded but it butted up against the interstate and we could clearly hear and see the cars going by.  One thing I did like is since many of their sites have no sewer they were pulling a dump tank around with a tractor and people could dump into it. There were many permanents with extra cars which I can see as a benefit if you have family in the area, but it made the overcrowding problem worse.  There was a pool and we saw several large groups of people so I can see how it might work for a family gathering of some sort.  Perkins Rating: Not for Us – Your Mileage May Vary

Crows Nest Campground – 529 S Main St,  Newport Nh
The campground is near a big golf course outside of the small town of Newport  which has several local restaurants.  The location has a pool and a big meadow field with lots of campers. When we pulled up to the office a sign said “Please wait we will be right back” so we did and only had to wait 5 minutes or so.  The campground has a huge play area and a fishing pond.  There is a wooded section with several very nice river view sites unfortunately these were water and electric only and a bit on the small side for our camper.   The people we saw seemed to be cranky and the lots with sewer in the wooded area are right on top of each other. Perkins Rating: Not for Us – Your Mileage May Vary

North Star Campground – 43 Coon Brook Rd,  Newport Nh
This campground had good signage and was relatively easy to find.  Unfortunately it only has three rentable full service sites and all of the rest are seasonal.  The three sites 22, 21, and 20 (in order of our preference) were spacious and in a wooded area.  There were some great sites along the Sugar River but these were unfortunately for a smaller camper and water/electric only.  Although the woman at the front desk seemed annoyed to be bothered, we stopped a man who “helped out there” to ask a question and he was very friendly.  I also liked that you could get an “armful” of wood for $4.  The campsite is only 15 minutes away from Sunappe Mountain which has all kinds of great activities in the summer like zip-lining, excursions, and an aerial challenge course.  Because the sites were good and it’s proximity to the mountain. Perkins Rating:  Worth Trying

Tippicanoe Campground – 1295 Brook Rd Gothenburg NH
Outside of a nice little town with its own tiny grocery store  and very close to Keene.  I love the cool name personally and gave it extra style points for the name alone 🙂  It has  summer and winter camping on Rand Pond and their were lots of smiling people  and a very helpful person at the desk.  They are in the process of adding new sites right along the lack so it was a bit challenging but we did see three sites with a lake view that could be rented for a weekend.  All of the locations are full hookups and it’s  mostly seasonal with some very expensive trailers on the sites.  Terrific beach and the pond has sailboats, canoes, and kayaks.  There’s also a beach playground and a nice swimming platform.  Although the sites are very close to each other, I really wanted to try something with a view, thinking it wouldn’t matter so much how close you were if you were facing the water.  Overall it was a very creative use of space and they were trying there best to create many premium sites.   We finally picked a site (they weren’t numbered yet so I can’t really help there) when at the last-minute she mentioned they were completely non-smoking.  This made us change our mind…not just because we are smokers, (although obviously this was a big part of it), but I could see all the improvement was part of a larger plan to create a seasonal community.  That’s not really what we are looking for so we passed.  If you are looking for a nice seasonal (around $800 per month) this might be your place though.  One thing to keep in mind is I had absolutely no cell phone coverage there…which is another deal breaker for me,.  Perkins Rating: Not for Us – Your Mileage May Vary

Woodmore Family Campground –   21 Woodbound Rd Rindge NH
We decided to try one more even though it was getting late and since Rindge is close to Keene and in a very nice area, Woodmore seemed like the perfect stop.    The GPS  had trouble finding it, there is a S. Woodbound Rd which gets you to Woodbound Rd which the campground is actually on.  The campground is in a nice neighborhood and has a nice store.  The office was incredibly busy, but they had two polite young women working the counter and they were helpful.  There is gate access to enter and the place was packed on a Sunday at 5pm.  Lots of kids, lots of campers (both seasonals and not) and unfortunately they were right on top of each other and the trees were thin enough you could see into the neighborhood house from the sites.    Huge playground and a pool made it kid friendly and they allowed multiple cars on the sites which didn’t help with the congestion, but I think added to the appeal.  It is $5 to visit per person and that fee was strictly enforced.  They had more remote sites down near the boat dock but only had electric and water.  Those would be great for a pop up or tent camping but unfortunately too crowded for us.  One cool thing is you can buy a “bucket” of wood for $7 and they deliver it to your site.   Perkins Rating: Not for Us – Your Mileage May Vary


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