Working on my Things To Do Under $10 Page

I spent most of the weekend recuperating from my long travel day, tracking down my luggage, and staying close to the phone so I decided to spend the time on finishing up a project near and dear to my heart.  Several weeks ago I started a page on the website called Things to do under $10.  I love a bargain and seeing little known treasures in an area, but have found that even with significant research I am not always finding enough things to do.  Also the best moments often seem to be when folks stumble across something and that is largely luck and timing.  So I started this new page to list what we had done, but soon realized it just wasn’t enough information.  So I asked permission of some of my friends whose blogs I love if I could look for things to do on their sites and then link back to their posts.  That way if someone truly wanted to know if it would be fun they could read about it and see the pictures first.  Well I was thrilled when my first 4 guinea pigs…ummm I mean friends said yes. I love all these blogs and they are all very different and  I am sure I will add more as time goes on

Now that I had permission my next step was to go back to the beginning and reread their posts to pull out items.  This took longer than I thought because I would find myself getting interested and reading every word.  Then I would have to stop, because it would take forever that way, and go back to skimming.  I have also linked the website for the thing to do and the related post for every item, which took awhile.  Finally in some case I had to look up prices.  Not everyone lists the prices every time so it was digging into websites and finding out what the prices were and did they make the cut. So far I am into about 20 hours worth of work for just this one page.

So why do it?  Well I would love to read more blogs, I truly would, but time is always a huge factor for me, and more importantly,  even when I read them I don’t always remember the details.  I definitely discovered that fact when re-reading Deb’s blog  and I had forgotten many of the things she has done.  So although it’s a lot of work it may be a time saver for me overall and more importantly I won’t miss those cools places that my friends talk about.  Basically it’s a cheat sheet for those of us who just don’t have the time to read as many blogs as we would like.   Cori and Deb are always finding the coolest places and every time I ask how she found it she says matter-of-factly “Read it in a blog.”  Well you guys know by now that I am all about the cliff notes version and although these lists of places are on the web what’s missing for me is a credible real life account of the experience.

So these are the things we and my friends have done and I absolutely love how varied they are because our interests are so varied.  See below to read about what everyone brings to the party

The Restless Youngs –   Cori writes the blog and does most of the activity planning, but Greg is up for almost anything.  So far they have visited tons of little towns and really try to get the local experience by eating and/or drinking in the local restaurants.  They also like visiting wineries, breweries, distilleries…really anywhere alcohol can be found 🙂   Along the way they also see lots of local parks and gardens and try to get involved in whatever the local activity is. Cori’s blog really makes me laugh.  She has a great sense of humor and is perfectly fine with poking fun at herself and Greg which is awesome.   My favorite activity of theirs to date was when they went to see the Old Tunnel State Park and saw a million bats.  I would have bet money Cori wouldn’t have done something like that (I don’t think I would have before she tried it) but she thought it was really cool and it was only $5.

Down the Road–  Deb writes the blog and as I was re-reading all the posts I was amazed by how many cool things she and Steve have done in a year.  She loves to hike and kayak so her blogs are full of those experiences, but they also contain many other types of activities as well.  They try to see old churches wherever they go and Deb also is a member of the Find-A-Grave organization and visits cemeteries when she can to help locate information for genealogists. Steve, a veteran, loves all military museums and eating local cuisine. When Deb says she likes a place I take that seriously,  because Deb is a great cook. They also love farmer’s markets (because of them I found a great one in St. Augustine) and they share my love of the goofy and unusual things you can see along the way.   My favorite activity to date was when they visited Winslow, AZ.  They’ve done so many amazing things outdoor things but I loved that they also can stop and take a picture in a goofy place.  That post made me smile and the way she wrote about it put visiting it on my bucket list.

  • Winslow, Arizona  FREE Take a picture “standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ”. The town takes advantage of the song and it’s location on Route 66 Related Post

BK American Odyssey –  Kelly writes the blog and Bill is actively involved in their activity planning.  Bill used to work for a bottling company and loves all brewery and distillery tours.  For Bill it’s mainly about the science of making alcohol, which was his business before he retired, and his viewpoint is very interesting. Bill is also a history buff and is the type of person who will read every single plaque in a museum.  This cracks Kellie and I up because Lee tends to be the same way and we know when we go to something history related with the guys it will not be a quick trip.   Kelly loves the ocean especially but really all things nature.  She is also completely into pushing herself to do things she was afraid to do before becoming a full timer.  I love how honest she is about the lifestyle (both good and bad) and appreciates how she writes about her life along with the places they visit.  Plus Bill has done several cool upgrades on the rig and she does a nice job of detailing how he made those changes.  My favorite day of activity to date was when they were Elkhart getting their rig worked on.  They found lots of fun stuff to do during the time.

Our “Rovin” Journey Sue writes the blog but Guy is involved in the activity planning as well and he really seems to be getting a lot of joy out of doing new things.  Of all of us, Guy worked the longest hours and traveled the most and this new freedom really seems to suit him.  Sue and Guy like to take drives when they go to an area and often go into the residential sections to look at the homes there.  She also finds really cool local shops and activities, many of which include music.  One of my favorite things about Sue is she is a quilter and she and Guy love to find exterior Quilt Blocks which are on the outside of buildings.  I knew very little (if anything) about Quilt blocks until reading Sue’s post and now I am on the lookout for them everywhere we go.  She also goes into terrific detail about the history of a place they are visiting which I adore.  Their interests are very eclectic and the fact that they are enjoying themselves on the road so much really comes through.  My favorite post to date was about the McDowell County Quilt Trail.  I love finding pleasure in the simple things and Sue and Guy definitely do that.

So if you want to check out the complete page click on Things to do under $10.  I’ll be updating it as we do new stuff (and as my friends do new stuff also 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Working on my Things To Do Under $10 Page

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Bill and I both appreciate it! I’m sure this post will help anyone looking for awesome things to do inexpensively.
    I did LOVE Notre Dame, but another fav for me was biking on the river trail in Pittsburgh – great way to get a new view of the city!

  2. Thanks for the mention, Trace! We just did biked (free) part of the 72 mi. Trail of the Coeur d’ Alenes in ID. It was awesome and I wish we could do more. So much history and beautiful sights along the lakes. I’m trying to be better at the details like cost and links. I love mixing it up! Food, adventure related, history, wine/beer AND quirky!

    • I have decided that if full timing was an Olympic event you would be our groups gold medal winner !!! I was amazed by how much you had done in the last year and the variety was absolutely amazing !!

      • Well it’s quite easy to take a little hike/kayak/bike ride before/after Steve works depending on time zone 🙂 Hey, have you heard of Geo-caching? (I see Lee rolling his eyes now 🙂 Another free and fun thing to do! Check out

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